Cutlery Polishers for hotels, restaurants, pubs and commercial catering kitchens
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Cutlery Polisher for commercial kitchen
The Cutlery Polishing Company supply cutlery polishing machines from "The Compact" which will cater for the small to medium sized restaurant which has very limited space through to The Midi 7000, designed for the large restaurants, conference centres, stadia and kitchens serving 200-400 guests
Based in Longfield, Kent
Tele: 0845 257 1969
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Catersave Europe have a range of glass and cutlery polishers, decarbonisers and glass washing machines. Their three models of cutlery polishers are designed for every size of commercial kitchen, from the smallest café and brasserie to large restaurants, outside caterers and hotel kitchens.
Based in Swanley, Kent
Tele: 01322 660590

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Alliance Online is one of the leading UK suppliers to the hospitality, catering, leisure, and healthcare industries. See their selection of glasswashers, dishwashers and cutlery polishing machines.
Based in Crewe, Cheshire, with regional depots throughout the UK
Tele: 0844 499 4300

Warewashers supply Spoonshine Cutlery Polishing Machines, and Sammic Cutlery-Dryer Polishers. They also sell IMC A4 Silver Burnishers, which can hold up to 350 pieces of cutlery.

Based in Dover, Kent

Tele: 0844 879 3279

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Cutlery Polishers for catering trade public houses, hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee bars, cafes, licensed premises UK WALES ,SCOTLAND,