Caffeica. The Coffee People.

To keep your customers happy you need three things; the right machine, the right coffee and the right support.

There are different machines to suit different ventures from Bulk Brewers, automatic bean to cup and traditional espresso machines.

Choosing the right coffee bean is also imperative for a great taste.

Nowadays, marketing support is more important than ever before. From posters and A boards to branded espresso and cappuccino cups, they can all help promote your business.

At Caffeica, we can provide all of the above. We have over 2 decades of experience and an extensive range of machines to ensure you select the right equipment. On top of this we have also developed a support and training package that offers an unparalleled level of service.

One of our clients, The Lamb in Great Rissington has said “it’s great having proper coffee; it’s added a whole new dimension to our pub. As well as expanding the choice at our bar, it has given us the option of having new events such as Coffee Mornings”.

We at Caffeica want to help boost your cash flow with an improved quality coffee.

Call us on 01993 776753 or visit if you are interested in more information.

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